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Packing Facility

Jenko's Mangoes Treats, Grades, Packs, Cools and Transports produce in line with industry best practice. Each product that is dispatched carries its own unique identification number, allowing complete traceability from the farm to the market.

Being growers ourselves, we understand what you are looking for and what you need from a packing company. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Packing Process & Traceability

1. Provide Bins & Bin Cards
  • Jenko's Mangoes can provide the field bins for growers to pick their produce. Every bin of produce that arrives at Jenko's Mangoes shed will have a bin card attached to it. This provides information about the grower, date picked, block, variety, picker and batch number.

  • Bin cards are kept for 12 months – and can be provided to the grower on request. 

2. Batch Receival Docket
Bin Card.jpg
Packing Process
  • A Batch Receival Docket is filled out when produce is delivered to the shed. This is a triplicate book – the original copy is given to the driver delivering the fruit, a copy stays with the daily paperwork and the final copy remains in the book.

  • If a driver is delivering bins from multiple blocks, growers or varieties -then a separate batch receival docket will be filled out for each one.

3. Grading & Sorting
  • Fruit is graded according to the AMIA Specifications for KP and R2E2 Mangoes. 

  • The quality of the fruit will determine the packaging type and size that it is put into. This ensures consistency and easy identification of different grades of fruit.

Batch Receival Docket.jpg
4. Tray Labelling & Traceability
  • Once trays are packed they go through a final inspection and a barcoded PLU sticker is placed onto each piece of fruit in the tray.

  • Each tray is labelled

  • This label contains information that specifies the batch, date, grower, packer, size and class.

  • The label contains a unique barcode that is scanned into our software for reporting and tracceability

  • The grower will receive a Packing Report for each batch of fruit that is put through the shed. 

5. Cooling and Storage
  • Once fruit is packed it is stacked onto CHEP or Loscam pallets and wrapped for stability.

  • The pallets are then placed into a fan forced cooling facility until the reach the optimum transport temperature. 

  • They are then placed into cool storage until they are ready to be transported out.

6. Transport and Reporting
  • The pallets are loaded onto refrigerated trucks and transported to a transhipping facility. It is then transhipped out to final market destinations.

  • The grower and receiver both receive a dispatch notice regarding the consignment.

  • The produce is signed for on arrival to the market and this notification is sent back to Jenko's Mangoes.


Certification & Quality Assurance


Certification Number: FC011498

Jenko's Mangoes has attained certification in compliance with the Freshcare Code of Practice Food Safety & Quality. The scope of our certification is as Growers and Packers of fresh produce. 

A copy of our certificate is available on request.


Certification Number: F1811169

Jenko's Mangoes has attained certification in compliance with the Harmonised Australian Retailer Produce Scheme. The scope of our certification is for the Growing, Harvesting, Packing, Storage & Dispatch of Fresh Produce.

A copy of our certificate is available upon request.


Interstate Certification

Shed IP : A1768

CTM-01: Condition and Treatment of Mangoes

ICA-02: Flood Spraying with Dimethoate

MSW-01: Pest Free Place of Production for Mango Seed Weevil

Environmental Health - 
Food Business

Registration of a Food Business

Jenkos Mangoes - 2016/826EH

Mister Mango - 2016/827EH

The Mango Shak - 2016/828EH

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